When online training organisation Technology Training Courses went looking for a domain name, they decided there was really one option — a .courses domain. For the online training platform, www.technology-training.courses made perfect sense.

Technology Training Courses has offices in Berlin and London that provide specialist training courses to clients in a variety of industries, no matter where they’re located in the world. They also help organisations convert their in-person course content into online courses.

The training courses are produced by experts and professionals in their given fields. To reflect this wide expertise, Technology Training Courses has registered several web addresses on other domain names. But because .courses best reflects what the company does, all the other domain names redirect to www.technology-training.courses.

Developing online material is a cost-effective way to enhance your current business by increasing the breadth of existing conference and seminar structures and making them available to a global audience to consume at their leisure.

As Technology Training Courses has found, if you’re a course provider, particularly online, using a .courses domain name tells your clients exactly what sort of business you’re in. Best of all, you can get a .courses domain name no matter where in the world you’re located.

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