There are many natural health therapies available across the globe, some more mainstream than others. So when you are trying to market a lesser known practice, what is the best method to reach your target audience?

Learn Reiki has taken a boutique market in Manchester, UK, to the world—all by adopting the web address

Marcus Henthorn started the practice with his wife Susan, and said the .courses domain was perfect because it described “what is on the tin” to anyone who looked at the site.

Strengthening the side venture

Marcus already has a .com website for his primary business, but wanted something unique to help drive his venture as a reiki master and instructor.

“I wanted a [web address] specifically to drive traffic to the reiki side of our business, to promote the one-to-one reiki courses I run,” he said.

It has been an instant success, with the .courses web address now accounting for 40 per cent of all of Marcus’s bookings.

“Historically, the majority of my reiki course bookings were made on site at our business premises,” he said, “usually as a natural progression for people who had experienced a reiki treatment with me, and who wanted to learn reiki and take responsibility for themselves.

“Now I find I am getting booking enquiries from people who want to learn reiki who have never visited our premises before.

How a .courses web address takes this business to the world

But by using a .courses domain, Learn Reiki has been able to take their lessons to the global stage.

Learn Reiki offers more than just sessions for clients. As the name suggests, it is also a training centre where students can learn the practice and make it their own enterprise.

Learn Reiki offers first, second and master degree courses which require the patience and discipline of martial arts to complete—something they’re now able to amplify past a local boundary.

It is a guiding process, and one that can ultimately help a student become a master themselves.

As a standalone business in Manchester, this niche market could’ve been hard to sustain, if no other marketing efforts like this were adopted. But thanks to the foresight of Marcus and the power of the .courses web address, Learn Reiki is achieving new heights and consistent growth.