Do you want to become a Ninja Warrior? Head to, where Galaxy Ninja is looking to give people around the world the chance to bring out their inner ninja warrior. The company creates a wide range of motorised action adventure courses, all designed for the adventurous, athletic, young, and young-at-heart, inspired by the popular series “American Ninja Warrior,” now in its 10th season.

The action adventure courses are showcased online at and sold throughout the United States to indoor and outdoor adventure and trampoline parks. The adventure courses give participants the chance to test themselves through a series of obstacles of varying difficulty, allowing them to be their very own ninja warrior. There are mobile versions of the courses that can be packed up in a trailer for easy movement and permanent ones for adventure and trampoline parks.

The Florida-based company manufactures their own courses, allowing budding ninja warriors to mimic the TV show with touch screen scoring, large screens for the audience to watch the action, and timing for the competitive ones. The courses feature a range of features and obstacles including rock walls, hand bombs, cheese boards, balance beams, see-saws, and even LED smoke cannon.

Many of Galaxy Ninja’s major customers are trampoline parks looking to differentiate themselves from their competition, much like Galaxy Ninja with their domain name. While .courses is often used by educational institutions, it’s exciting to see how this intrepid company has seized the opportunity to align their business offerings with their domain name in a totally new and unexpected way.