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Universities, Colleges & TAFEs2021-12-06T08:31:27-05:00

Connect Students Directly to Your Education Institution with a .courses Domain

.courses is a unique domain for connecting students to your educational institution.

Higher education is evolving and so are its students. In recent years, there has been an emergence of new types of courses in areas like digital marketing, sports analytics and computer programming. This shift requires a new approach for education institutions.

If you’re a university, college or TAFE, owning a .courses domain name can get you connected to the students of today.

Become an Industry Leader

Getting your first choice and taking advantage of an available .courses domain can give you an edge when attracting your next intake of students. A bespoke domain will help you stand out from competitors.

Authority & Clarity

A clear domain name will add professionalism and elevate the courses you provide. For example, a socialmediamarketing.courses is a powerful platform to connect and communicate directly with students interested in this industry.

Top Tips:

  • Search the specific name you’re after to get your first choice domain name.
  • Avoid long or confusing names so that your web address distinctly demonstrates who you are and what you do.
  • If you want to dominate the market, owning multiple domains is like owning digital real estate. Bulk searching the names you’re looking for is always a good idea.

Market Your Brand

Choosing a domain name with a recognizable purpose will help students find you online and can bump up your rankings in search. A .courses domain has a clear meaning and carries value as a keyword for those looking to further their education.

Getting Started

Helping shape student’s future is made easy with a .courses domain name. Whether you’re a training provider, educational institution or supplier or company, a .courses is a powerful and memorable way to market your services online.

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