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Connect Students Directly to Your Training Institute With a .courses Domain

A .courses domain is a unique search name connecting students to your training institution.

If you’re a training institute or course provider looking to get connected to new students, owning .courses domain can give you an edge and accelerate your business in a number of ways:

Become an Industry Leader

Getting your first choice of domain name can put you on the way to owning your market online. A bespoke domain will help you stand out from competitors.

Market Your Brand

A clear and strong domain name is a useful tool in marketing the courses that you’re promoting. For example, if you offer a project management course, the domain: projectmanagement.courses will clearly distinguish your company as an education and skills provider.

Top Tips:

  • Search the specific name you’re after to get your first choice domain name.
  • Avoid long or confusing names so that your web address distinctly demonstrates who you are and what you do.
  • If you want to dominate the market, owning multiple domains is like owning digital real estate. Bulk searching the names you’re looking for is always a good idea.

Enhance Your Online Visibility

A .courses domain has a clear meaning and carries value as a keyword for those looking to further their education, training or personal development.

Bump up your search ranking and fast-track students learning by getting them connected to knowledge in the skills industry as quickly as possible.

Getting Started

Helping shape student’s future is made easy with a .courses domain name. Find your .courses domain name and get connected to new students today. Start searching now

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