It was at a business mentoring group that physiotherapist Andrew Darcey and his business partner James Trotter first heard about the possibilities of new domain extensions.

Having recently established a business offering training courses to physios in Adelaide, the pair was looking for a web address that would help them stand out from other offerings online as well as establishing a memorable brand around the business.

When they discovered that the domain was available, they immediately jumped at the opportunity.

“As part of our development for physio practice, we’d been involved in Business Blueprint in Sydney run by Dale Beaumont,” Andrew said.

“He provided a lot of information about using technology to help grow your business and promote it better. At one of the conferences, he talked about all the new domain names coming in.

“I went searching for domain names that would be suitable to sell education courses and .courses was one that came up – when I saw was available I went ahead and registered it straight away.”

Andrew and James built the new website to provide a platform for their high-quality content and to showcase the courses available, and immediately received comments on the unique domain name.

To build on this curiosity, they incorporated the domain name into all their branding and communications.

“When we are telling people our email address, sometimes they will ask ‘oh, so there is no .com, it’s just .courses?’ and we confirm this for them. People are surprised by it,” said Andrew.

“We’ve made it part of our logo, and we have email hosting that we use as part of our branding on all our email footers for outbound correspondence.”

As the business continues to grow, so too do their hopes for the website.

“So far we’ve utilised the skills we have learnt through our business mentoring to help build this new brand. In the future we look to provide video content and a membership site, and we’ll look to make an investment in a more substantial backend for our website,” Andrew said.