When you’re offering a service in a niche industry, it can be difficult to reach new customers. But with the right tools available, it’s also an opportunity to establish your business as a market leader.

That’s what the Micro Blading Academy of Los Angeles was able to do when it claimed www.microblading.courses as its online home. Even if you’ve never heard of microblading, the Academy’s authoritative site address lends credibility to its courses.

How a .courses web address benefits emerging businesses in the field

Microblading is a technique used to shape eyebrows, while keeping the appearance as natural as possible, in a semi-permanent procedure that can last up to two years. Though it’s becoming more well known in beauty circles, microblading still isn’t a mainstream practice. Information on the procedure is scarce, and training courses for beauticians are even harder to find.

But by adopting its microblading.courses address now, the Academy’s established the school as an industry leader, both today and into the future when the procedure is more mainstream and more competition arises. Its web address gives the school several advantages.

For starters, it’s immediately clear what service is being offered, providing users with the exact experience they’re searching for.

Capturing an address like microblading.courses before the procedure is fairly popular also means that other training programs won’t be able to market their site as competitively as the Academy can as the industry continues growing.

Finally, the web address is easy to remember and fits what the business offers. At conferences, trade shows, and more, microblading.courses is a short and snappy name that’s likely to entice prospective students.

Using a domain name like .courses is an effective way for businesses in emerging industries to capture their space on the internet early on and stay one step ahead of competitors. Get a head start and search for your brand’s new address.