It’s always exciting to see how businesses and individuals creatively use the .courses domain name. One that’s caught our eye recently is

Craftlaunch is a platform providing workshops to help people in artistic professions monetize their passion. Through two- and three-day workshops, Craftlaunch helps creatives build their brand and business, while guiding them to find their profitability.

The classes are taught by industry professionals who’ve been in similar situations and have successfully made the transition from “artist” to “artrepreneur.”

Best of all, the workshops don’t require shelling out thousands of dollars or enrolling in a degree program. For a reasonable amount of time — less than the price of a cell phone — you can learn how to do things like identify your position in the industry, learn the practicalities of launching your own business, and design and execute on a marketing plan.

The courses are all tailored to folks in video production, film production, photography, and creative writing, with more likely coming soon. The teachers excel in their fields and have worked with some of the globe’s largest brands, including Gatorade, McDonald’s, and Nike. Because the content is housed online, you can take the classes and learn from anywhere in the world, at any time.

If you have a niche area that you think others could learn from, consider setting it up on a .courses website and sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world.