By Eamon McGrath
Product Manager, .courses

People enrol in courses for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s to increase job prospects, sometimes to further existing skills or learn a new one, sometimes purely for fun and enjoyment.

These courses can be formalised qualifications – degrees and diplomas, PHDs and doctorates. They can be vocational courses, short courses, or even courses for hobbies.

You can take a course in public speaking, public art or public relations. Management, metalwork or macroeconomics. Teaching, teamwork or typography

These courses are devised and sold by a variety of providers – not limited to large, formal institutions but including everything down to the individual-operator teaching a yoga and meditation course out of their home studio. The common factor between all these organisations is that the market is competitive, and reaching potential customers – particularly online – can be challenging to say the least.

The .courses TLD was created to provide an easy, memorable way for learning providers of all sizes to market their services and target customers online.

Until recently learning and training providers have been served by the .edu namespace or its equivalents around the world. The problem is that many organisations fail to meet the registration criteria set by these namespaces. For instance, only United States-affiliated institutions of higher education are permitted to register in .edu, which is restrictive and no longer reflective of the modern day interpretation of the global education market.

Now, there are a number of ‘education’-themed domains becoming available, but while each has their place, .courses fills a gap in education and training industry TLDs. This is because any organisation that enables others to learn can register a .courses domain; free of the eligibility and availability restrictions of other domain namespaces around the world.

.courses is also a globally recognised term, and one that includes a variety of learning providers. It encompasses the larger, more traditional ‘education’ market as well as the training sector, which includes the likes of vocational programs and informal or hobby-based courses. It’s also a word recognised around the world in this context, limiting the chance of it becoming confused based on cultural awareness (eg: American colleges, verses British universities).

As online learning providers grow in popularity and innovate in the education and training industry, bricks-and-mortar institutions are also strengthening their online presence to compete in a crowded market.

New TLDs such as the .courses TLD, are building an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to rethink the way they market themselves online. A good domain name is the asset on which a brand builds its entire marketing strategy – and the more memorable that domain name is, the better the results will be for attracting and enrolling students.

A .courses domain name offers learning and training providers the opportunity to attain a highly relevant and short web address which is globally recognised and tailored for the education and training sector.

.courses is now available to the public. Find out if your domain name is available and where you can register on our Domain Availability page.

Image: The Leeds Library by Michael D Beckwith, Licensed under CC BY 2.0